About the Clio History Journal

Welcome to Clio, the award-winning, student-run history journal published by the history department at California State University - Sacramento in association with the Rho Xi chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta history honor society!  

Clio serves as a forum for highlighting the outstanding academic work and diversity of Sacramento State students.  Our editorial staff is comprised entirely of students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and the articles included in the journal come exclusively from current and recently-graduated students.  Our mission is to ensure that Clio serves not only to highlight the excellent work of our students but also to encourage such work in incoming students by providing them with examples and resources. Clio is thus a cornerstone of the expanding historical community at Sacramento State, and with the support of our students, faculty, and sponsors, the journal will continue to serve as a vehicle to foster the academic and personal growth of that community.

Clio has been published for an impressive twenty-seven years!  It has been, and remains, a collaborative effort driven by student authors and editors, but in 2016 it took on new importance as a vehicle for professional development as the subject of a faculty-guided class in historical publication, most recently taught by Dr. Aaron J. Cohen.

The current volume of Clio is now available online!  Simply click on the cover image, or use this link to view it!


Clio History Journal
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819

Contact Clio Staff:

Editor-in-Chief:  Vivian Tang

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Aaron J. Cohen

Student Organization Officers:
James G. Juarez, President
Vivian Tang, Treasurer