Welcome to Clio, the award winning history student journal published by the California State University, Sacramento History Department and the Rho-Xi chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society! Clio seeks to highlight outstanding student papers, which testify to both the academic excellence and diversity of CSUS students. Clio strives to be a forum for, as well as a source of encouragement to, those who will seek employment as professional historians when their sojourn at Sacramento State ends. Most importantly, Clio yearns to be a contributing part of the expanding historical community within Sacramento State and hopes to serve as a vehicle to help foster that growing sense of community that exists and has encouraged us so.


Clio has been published for an impressive 27 years as of 2016. Currently advised by Dr. Cohen, Clio is a collaborative effort by student authors and editors.


Aaron Jackson

Clio Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Aaron J. Cohen

Associate Officers:   

Aaron Jackson, President

Rick Westberry, Secretary

Matthew Landavazo, Treasurer


Last Updated: 2 April 2015

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