Chris Hayes graduated with a B.A. in philosophy from San Diego State University and is currently a graduate student in the English department at Sacramento State University. His work has appeared on Poetry Now Online and in the anthology Late Peaches. Chris believes that life is best enjoyed when surrounded by friends and family, but if they’re busy, a good book will do.



I must have been about

eight, surrounded by others

seated on the hard wooden

bench. It was our turn

to get up and walk past

the instructions of Sister Wilamena.

A left turn and the swish

of corduroy uniforms met my ears,

the golden altar lit up in front

of us, but it was the smile

of Father O’Day that I focused on.

I awaited my turn and as the

white wafer was placed on my

tongue I was struck with

a sensation that many before me

must have experienced,

a feeling of amazement

of how awful this host tasted.

And there I was chewing and chewing

on that piece of bread thrust upon me

and pondering,

can I spit this out?

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