Haley Veith is a Senior at California State University, Sacramento majoring in English. She has been writing poetry for 5 years and her poem "Cover Girl" was published in Calaveras Station Literary Journal in 2013. Haley was born in Northern California and grew up as a nationally ranked competitive dancer until she was injured at 20 years old. Although she has studied and writes in Prosody and Classical Poetry, her greatest interest lies in Contemporary Free Verse. She likes to read brave and honest poetry with amazing and startling images that give her goosebumps. Her favorite Contemporary poets are Warsan Shire and Jeffrey McDaniel. Apart from being a full time student and writer, she has been an English Tutor for 2 years and currently tutors with Cardinal Scholars and the Student Athletic Resource Center. She lives with her boyfriend of 2 years and absolutely adores every one of her friends and family members who continue to inspire her on a daily basis.


Propped up

and interlaced

in wires and masks

the surgeon’s

hand pulsates within

my slack jaw;

I wait to become

a Phoenix.


The puppet master

plucks my strings

and screws, sloping

my cheekbones to

lace over his perfect

titanium creation.


Gasping for air

behind countless masks

cooling and breathing

against the morphine

burning my limbs,

my heartbeat carries the hum

of my invisible strings.


For the final act

the tube will be pulled

from my core to my throat

and out of my trance,

so the moon faced puppet

may whisper her first words

defying the ashes.

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