Jason was born and raised in the remote farming town Rio Vista, where he often contemplated and reflected on his thoughts while overlooking the American River and the rolling yellow hills. He also spent his time writing-- because there was nothing better to do, but also because the ideas would never leave him alone unless he started writing them down. After high school he moved to Stockton to study at San Joaquin Delta College for music and psychology, he then moved to Sacramento, for literature and creative writing. Obsessive music lover, passionate world traveler. Likes to play guitar in a quiet empty room. Camps out in the Sierras to get away from people, rambles down to the city to be surrounded by them. A heavy duty coffee-drinker. Trekkie.

Untitled Writing Sample:
"He thought about it every time he stared down that long dirt path with the train tracks laid out in the middle, those long steel beams with wood placed between them wound their way through the downtown area, cutting through the grey pavement, violently pointing the way to freedom. The tracks hadn’t been used since the mid-fifties, so the wood was rotted and covered in dirt and garbage. 
Travis would sigh and thought about taking that first step and what it would feel like and what the world might turn into— then he would let the dream go, and ride his bicycle across the tracks and further down the road the way he came. 
Travis saw the tracks every weekday along the way to the bus stop, and the dull commonality of the journey showed on Travis’ consistently tired, middle-aged face. The interruption of the train tracks was a brief one, but to Travis it was a swimmer breaching the surface for air."

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