Calaveras Station Literary Journal is Sacramento State's only student journal. We provide a great place for students to debut their writing in Short Fiction, Poetry, Critical Analysis, and Creative Non-Fiction.

Publishing is difficult, intimidating, and overwhelming, especially in today's publishing economy. Competition with established professional writers makes for a near impossible effort. This is where we come in. Calaveras Station is for Sacramento State students, only. No others are published in the journal.

Along with the journal being for students, it is also run by students. Editing, design, printing, any task and problem is handled by Sacramento Students alone, with the guidance of one faculty advisor. This is an opportunity for students to experience working on a real journal staff, making executive and creative decisions.

As editors and students, we strive to make this the best experience for those working on the journal as well as those submitting. If we could, we would publish everything submitted to us, but budgets are slim, and we can only do so much. Nothing matters more to us than the writing of our peers, and we want to make sure they are able to publish their work. We all have to stories to tell. It's how we understand the world, ourselves, and those around us. It's why we read. Why we write. Why we do anything. As editors, we want that creative intelligence to flourish at Sacramento State with the Calaveras Station Literary Journal.

But this is all too brief. Want to get to know the editors? Want to submit? Check out the other pages!

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We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have. Let us know what kind of job we are doing!