“Sanskruti” is a group run by Indian students studying at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). The group was formed with the aim of creating a social environment and valuing Indian customs and festivals with spirit of joy at CSUS. Sanskruti organizes events round the year. Fall semester activities include events such as Independence Day celebrations, Freshers party - Fall Together, Navratri Dandiya / Garba as well as Diwali function. Spring semester has it's own flavor of Pot luck and Spring Aarambh to end the semester with Summer Sunrise - Graduation Party. The group provides help and support to all students current and alumni.

Important Announcement for students arriving from India Spring 2011 Onwards:

New students please go to the Contact Us link and fill out the following details in the message section and send it to us.

Contact number India:
Major's joining at CSUS:
Expected Date of Arrival:

By providing us with the above information we can co-ordinate all arriving students and provide you with the same information, so that you too, can get in touch with them.


Join us on Org - Sync by following the steps below:

1) Click on the link https://orgsync.com/login

2) Under Choose your community - California State University Sacramento and click on Sign In.

3) Enter your Saclink ID and Password.

4) Fill your profile if you have logged in for the first time.

5) Click on MY Orgs and Join An Org

6) Click on letter 'S' and find Sanskruti - Indian Cultural Group and click on Join Now.

7) When asked for password, leave a message and click on cancel twice.

8) The moderator will approve your request to join the club.