SWSA Officer Team

The SWSA Officer Team implements and manages the logistical side of decisions made by the SWSA General Membership. We're here to help and support all SWSA members! Feel free to email us anytime!

Tina Xiong - On-Campus Coordinator 2016-2017 
About Tina
Samantha A Mero - Peer Mentor 2016-2017 
About Samantha
Susan A Taylor - Faculty Advisor 
About Susan
Stephanie E Buffington  
About Stephanie
Samantha V Bielz - Treasurer 2017-2018 
About Samantha
Gladys K Koloamatangi - 2017-2018 Peer Mentor Coordinator 
About Gladys
I am the second of six kids. I am Tongan American and am eight teen years old. I have four sisters and one brother. My parents are Hopoate and Valeti Koloamatangi.

Manuel A Bohorquez - Graduate Chair 2017-2018 
About Manuel
I am the Graduate President for the 2017-2018 school year. Looking forward to being of service to the program and getting involved in services on campus and off.

Kimberly Rose Blanco - 2017-2018 Promotion and Outreach Coordinator 
About Kimberly Rose
I am a junior in Sacramento State University majoring in Social Work.

Tai N Duong - 2017-2018 Undergrad Chair 
About Tai
Transfer student from American River College majoring in Social Work, currently a Senior as of Fall 2017. My area of focus within social work is policies and I would like to work with underprivileged youth, especially those of low socio-economic background.

Charles J McNeil - 2017-2018 Secretary 
About Charles


SWSA Student Representatives

The SWSA Student Representatives attend Division of Social Work Faculty Meetings and Committee Meetings on behalf of the Social Work student body. They relay the needs, suggestions, and struggles of students to Division faculty and staff. You may email the Student Representative directly, chat with them in the hallways, or email the SWSA, and we'll pass-along the message! Also, check-out the minutes/notes from Division meetings here.


General Meetings:

2nd Wednesday of each month in Alpine Hall Room 218 from 5:50pm-7pm
Fall 2014 General Meeting Dates: Oct. 8th, 2014 Nov. 12th, 2014 Dec. 10th, 2014

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Send us an email : swsasacstate@gmail.com

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