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  • Description: Here at Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), we are aimed at empowering students who are interested in the fields of engineering, designing, and manufacturing. SME is here to take classroom theory and transform that theory into reality by exposing students to the entire chain of manufacturing process, from start to finish. SME also explores a variety of manufacturing processes, resources, and equipment utilized in modern society. Through meetings and activities, SME serves as local forums for developing valuable networks, sharing of information and knowledge, product development, product manufacturing, and skills set development. SME organizes and sponsors plant tours, conferences, guest speakers, and other exciting activities. SME serves as a bridge between all disciplines within the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and as well from areas of art, business, marketing, and journalism. (SME also facilitates the acquisition of manufacturing process knowledge through a yearly student manufacturing competition). Through SME, students, staff, and faculty will be able to tap into many resources and technical advice in order to complete their academic and personal projects at a relatively low cost and fast pace.
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