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  • Description: Mission Statement: To promote the study and practice of Entrepreneurship within the College of Business Administration and the Sacramento Community. Purpose: The Sacramento Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs (SACE) is dedicated to bringing together anyone who has the entrepreneurship spirit, for the purpose of collaborating to create a fully functional start-up business. If you have the desire to start your own business, create and market new ideas, or deliver real value to your community, then this organization is for you. Here at the SACE we believe that the best way to learn how to create a new innovative business is by direct experience and hands on effort from business concept to launch. You will have the full support of the entire SACE team every step of the way. Here at the SACE we provide the necessary resources to fuel innovation. Benefits: The benefit of joining the SACE is that you gain real world experience and knowledge required to create and launch a new business. You get access to entrepreneurship teachers, business owners, and guest speakers, who are willing to provide guidance and share their experiences. You will have the opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs who will be helping you through the process. You have the benefits of having a workforce dedicated to making your ideas and dreams a reality.
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